Isla Cebaco is located off the Pacific coast of Panama in the Golfo de Montijo and is part of the buffer zone of Isla Coiba National Park. It is internationally recognized for its importance to many species of water birds that visit the area during migration.

Just 20 minutes from the mainland of Panama and 45 minutes to Isla Coiba National Marine Park. Cebaco Life is located in the middle of it all.

There are many surfing beaches including Santa Catalina, Playa Grande, and several secret surfing spots with some of the most consistent breaks in Central America. There is something to ride here every month of the year.

There are fresh spring waterfalls, hiking trails, horseback riding paths and a bounty of fruit for your enjoyment.
If you are looking for good food, surfing, beaches, coral reefs, or island hopping, then Cebaco is the vacation destination for you.




6 Bed Dorm

6-Bed Dormitory The classic option! Bunk up with your new friends without sacrificing comfort. Our dorms are not like you’d find in your typical hostel. This is the best way to immerse yourself in the Isla Cebaco community and meet your fellow travelers – all while getting the most value for your budget. Bathroom is shared

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Treat yourself to the full OneLove experience a standard room is the perfect option for someone who likes their privacy and also needs to stick to a budget. Enjoy a comfortable bed and a private shower. The perfect option for someone who wants to be a part of the community, but also needs a little space to chill.




2 Bedroom villa

A private two bedroom casita with kitchen and bathroom offer the semi-seclusion that some guests desire.

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 Isla Cebaco,Play Reina, Santa Catalina, Isla Coiba: This is the good life and our home base in the Pacific. It is filled with uncharted surf potential. The joy is surfing the many secret spots 20-min in all directions from our island Cebaco: from beach breaks, point breaks or the famous Caja on Isla Cebaco . If that’s not enough, across the bay from our lodge, on a 20-minute boat ride, is the world-famous wave of Santa Catalina. The adventure to The Coiba Island National Park is also luring in the distance.

   Snorkel/Scuba Diving

Our unique expeditions bring you into the heart of the most remote dive destinations and the best shark diving spots in the world: the magnificent islands of Coiba National Park. Encounter some of over 760 species of fish and 33 species of sharks, including schooling scalloped hammerhead sharks, silky sharks, whale sharks and Galapagos sharks while diving in these fascinating and dynamic underwater regions of the Tropical Eastern Pacific.



Price start at: $90 per person 


       Island Adventures

Relax and unwind on one of the many deserted white sandy beaches, While there is much to do and see, the best vacation for some of our guests involves doing nothing!

Hidden away in protected coves or jagged inlets and lined with coconut palms, the spectacular beaches of the Gulf of Montijo offer a perfect backdrop to relax, take some sun and forget civilization. The blend of blues and greens of the clear warm waters will leave an everlasting impression.

A gentle walk on the soft sand, a nice swim, or relax in a hammock.


Price start at: $40 per person

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