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Snorkel the vast reef, explore the dense tunnel of mangroves, visit numerous pristine island beaches, surf the famous Bajo del Congo wave, kayak over the crystal clear waters or just sit back and take in the view.


      Vegan Cooking

Join Ras Joe, to learn how to cook plant-based meals everyone will love! The class will cover different vegan recipes. You'll be inspired to cook vegan dishes at home & leave with fun memories, new friends and vegan recipes to replicate at home. 


       Embera Culture

During your visit, you will learn about the origins of the Embera people of Panama. You will learn about how they live, eat, and maintain themselves without the infringements of globalization. Their forest, located in the Chagres National Park, has unspoiled rivers and waterfalls. Dugout canoes are the main transportation for these native people.


       Panama Canal

The Miraflores Visitor Center is a space where you can live a unique Panama Canal experience. In one location, you will find different activities to fully enjoy the Panama Canal.



The historic town of Portobelo offers remnants of fort ruins to explore, and the customs house with a small museum to tour.  Most weekends there are vendor booths set up selling a myriad of items ranging from food to souvenirs.  Iglesia de San Felipe This is the church where the Black Christ statue is housed is a popular tourist attraction as well.  The Black Christ Festival, held every October 21 (the anniversary of it’s discovery), is in honor of this statue.  Different stories explain the origin of the deity and the festival that honors it, but it’s definitely a fascinating event to witness!


          7 Day Detox

The detox program is based on Fresh coconut water and juice diet. The juices are created fresh to maximize the enzyme-rich content with specifically targeted blends of fruit and vegetables for body cleansing.


      Tunnel de Amor

Visit white sand beaches in the mangrove tunnels surrounded by rich fauna and wildlife! when visiting our Cacique you can't miss the adventure.


   Visit nearby islands 

Visit stunning Carribean islands, beaches, coral reef, and mangroves. We are right in front of Isla Mamey, Isla Sordo, Isla Grande, Tunnel de Amor...just to name a few! 

Surfers on the Beach


Blessed to be surrounded by 2 oceans, we just happen to be in the prime surfing spots. Cacique, Portobelo with El Bajo de Congo waves, Isla Coco, Isla Sordo, Isla Mamey, Isla Grande.


        Congo Culture

Visit Cacique, Portobelo where the

Congo culture is rich and vibrant. the pulsating African rhythms will have you moving to the beat. Brightly colored Polleras dancing the way only Congo's can. Best time to experience is from January-March.



We offer dives on intact reefs that our region holds for us.The reefs are beautiful and colorful.dives here are pleasures dives adapted to all levels and in all seasons.We have a dozen dive sites that are 5 to 25 minutes by boat.


         Hiking Trails

 Chagres National Park has unspoiled rivers and waterfalls, amazing mountains, lush rainforest, and pleasant temperatures to hike. You can swim in the rivers and natural pools and experience bird watching. So Why not enjoy this natural wonder?



We offer snorkeling on intact reef that are right in our front yard. The beautiful and colorful reef are perfect for beginner to professional snorkelers. We have dozens of sites to explore underwater that are 5 to 25 minutes by boat.

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